ASMG Rebranding

We're thrilled to showcase our recent collaboration with Avindo Sport Management Group (ASMG), where we embarked on a transformative journey to redefine their brand identity from a corporate sports perspective. 🏅

ASMG approached us with a vision to revamp their brand, seeking a fresh and dynamic look that resonated with their audience while embodying the essence of sports excellence. Our initial exploratory call, spanning an hour of vibrant brainstorming and idea exchange, set the stage for an exciting creative process ahead.

Drawing inspiration from various sources, including the energy of competitive sports arenas and the sleek professionalism of corporate environments, our talented designers meticulously crafted four brand mock-ups, each offering a unique interpretation of ASMG’s identity. After thorough consideration and collaboration with the client, we collectively landed on the final design that perfectly encapsulates ASMG’s ethos and aspirations.

The outcome? A brand identity that exudes strength, agility, and sophistication, reflecting ASMG’s unwavering commitment to excellence in sports management. The ASMG team was overjoyed with the result, expressing their utmost satisfaction with the job executed by our dedicated designers.

We’re immensely proud of the transformation achieved with ASMG and grateful for the opportunity to contribute to their journey towards sporting success. 🚀

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