Break the racial contract: Redefine history

Cultural Convergence: Neolabs Chronicles the Vibrancy of 'Le Contrat Racial' Event

In a celebration of intellectual discourse and cultural richness, Neolabs had the honor of capturing the essence of the event surrounding the French release of Charles W. Mills’ seminal work, ‘Le Contrat Racial,’ translated by Aly Ndiaye, also known as Webster. The evening unfolded at the Maison de la culture Claude-Léveillée, offering a blend of discussions, readings, and musical performances that illuminated the transformative power of Mills’ work.

Exploring ‘Le Contrat Racial’: A Journey into Social Philosophy:

The focal point of the event was the deep dive into Charles W. Mills’ ‘Le Contrat Racial,’ a pioneering work that, for the first time, became available in French through the adept translation by Aly Ndiaye. The philosopher’s exploration of the social contract as inherently racial serves as a critical analysis of our modern world, shedding light on the inequalities that persist and the exclusionary dynamics shaping our societies.

17h to 19h: Breaking the Racial Contract Circle – Voices Unveiled:

The event kicked off with a captivating ‘Cercle de parole’ from 17h to 19h, where authors, artists, and readers shared their reflections on the transformative impact of Mills’ work. Delving into the fundamental changes it brought to their perspectives on the world, racism, and exclusion, participants explored the profound implications of a social contract intertwined with racial dynamics. Aly Ndiaye, the translator of ‘Le Contrat Racial’ and a historian and hip-hop artist, actively participated in this enlightening discussion.

19h30 to 21h: ‘Les racistes n’ont jamais vu la mer’ – A Theatrical Musical Odyssey:

The evening continued with a spellbinding spectacle titled ‘Les racistes n’ont jamais vu la mer’ from 19h30 to 21h. This immersive experience combined readings and music, bringing to life excerpts from the work. Featuring the talents of Rodney Saint-Éloi, Yara El-Ghadban, and the melodic accompaniment of Zal Sissokho on the kora and Mamadou Koita on the balafon, the spectacle unfolded as a powerful exploration of racial dynamics.

Neolabs’ Artistic Chronicle: Documenting the Unforgettable:

In the midst of intellectual fervor and cultural exploration, Neolabs embarked on a rogue operation to immortalize this transformative event. Our team skillfully captured candid moments, intellectual exchanges, and the emotionally charged atmosphere, ensuring that the vibrancy of the evening was preserved for posterity.

Legacy in Pixels: Sharing the Cultural Tapestry:

Through Neolabs’ lens, the ‘Le Contrat Racial’ event becomes a visual narrative, a legacy in pixels that captures the convergence of intellectual exploration and artistic expression. The event’s importance in fostering dialogue and understanding is immortalized, echoing the profound impact of Mills’ work on those gathered.

As the images unfold, Neolabs proudly contributes to the narrative of cultural convergence, intellectual exploration, and the enduring pursuit of social justice. The pixels tell a story – a story of breaking barriers, challenging norms, and striving for a world where the racial contract is replaced with one that embraces inclusivity and equality.

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